What does create truly mean? Create non following trends? Only following instinct? Dive into yourself to make something emerge, a quintessential aesthetic?

Creating without any trends is a full art, probably the most difficult since it requires the creative looks in his innermost being.

There are well-known masters in such art. These designers - or artists - have been created for many years by following their own vision, gathering fragments of the world to build their own universe. Among them, the great Japanese and Belgian fashion masters such as Yohji Yamamoto, Rei Kawakubo, Martin Margiela and Ann Demeulemeester. 

To Victoria Yakusha neither, creating is not about trends, it is about nature and her Ukrainian cultural roots. Therefore her architectural gesture and her design, under the name of Faina, are out of any mold. 

Drawing a parallel between design and fashion is self-evident, these two have a lot in common. These are the two fields by which people can express their interiority, affirm themselves. Fashion as design - we could extend to arts in general - participate in improving self knowledge and understanding of the world surrounding people. It is not unusual that fashion magazines deal with interior design, and vice versa. 

Though these are the two fields that are mostly grasped through trends. Indeed, each season a new silhouette, a new type of home interior, are defined as the new “in”. Such a system only produces the trashable. Trends do not result from a peaceful and deep thought. They work with superficial and fleeting emotions, passing from high excitement to distaste.  

Creation and timelessness go hand in hand.

Creation emerges from the creator's depths to result in an object.

Object stems from the two sides of the creator. The physical side because hands craft the object; the psychological one in the sense that the creator passes down the object his personal stories, cultural references, beliefs and traditions.

Then the object, especially if it is composed of organic materials, is alive.

A living object can enlighten someone, its owner, and accompany for his whole existence. 

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