WHAT: Design Expedition to Ukraine

WHEN: 5 Days in Autumn/Summer

WHO: Design Experts

Design Expedition to Ukraine "Land Inspires" — a project launched in 2018 and 2019 by Victoria Yakusha, founder of FAINA and Yakusha Studio. The idea behind the project — to draw attention to the rich cultural heritage and endangered ancestral crafts of Ukraine, which for a long time remained in the shadows. To inspire cultural links by exploring the rich patrimony of Ukraine. A milestone on FAINA’s path to pass on Ukrainian cultural history.

By cultivating interest around Ukrainian ancestral crafts and stories in a foreign audience, Yakusha helped attract the attention internally as well, the country's youth. A feat in the effort to nourish Ukrainian heritage “Perhaps someone will be motivated to apprentice this deeply valuable knowledge or just acquaint themselves with it ”, — comments Victoria.

Victoria designed the itinerary and workshops along the offered route, building a personal relationships with each artisan. Their spirit and approach brought to light in the sacred craft of wood craving, hand-woven wool technique of lyzhnikarstvo, kosiv hand-painted ceramics, and the sound of the Ukrainian Trembita, world's longest horn instrument, revived by FAINA as sculptural decor. A hands-on experience allowed the guests to form intimate connections with the art and the land.

  • 5 Days — 5 Artisan Villages

    During this day all the expedition group arrives in Lviv.

  • Gavaretsky Hutir

    Black Steamed Ceramics Workshop.

  • Bukovets village

    Workshop with the longest musical instrument in the world — Trembita.

  • Yavoriv village

    Hutsul sheep blankets - Lizhnyky - weawing workshop.

  • Kosiv village

    Kosiv ceramics (painted with clay) workshop.

  • Kosiv village

    Bodnar (carpenter's) workshop on producing wooden barrel.

  • Kolomuya

    Workshop on painting Easter eggs in the heart of this ancient craft — Kolomuya village.