hand with clay

Live design — our philosophy at the core of FAINA. The keyword live entails a focus on the living natural elements that inspire us and give us ground to create. In sustainability we find sustenance.

In FAINA’s effort to sustain history we naturally circle back to sustainable practices, central to local ancestral techniques. This means small-scale handmade production by Ukrainian artisans in limited numbers of output. This means locally-found materials for short-circuit sourcing, reducing our carbon footprint.

Working with local materials and ancient techniques over the years has led to the invention of our own unique, sustainable material — ZTISTA. This blend of recycled paper, clay, hay and other natural components is designed to one day be able to return to nature. All of its components are fully compostable in open soil. This also makes them safe for the home, providing an authentic quality and inimitable natural presence.

Techniques and stories that are passed down through generations become design pieces created to stay in family hands. Just like our commitment to sustaining ancestral knowledge, the minimalist nature of our live design collections make the pieces timeless, expandable, made to live for years in their space.

In the world of packaging, we are committed to reducing the use of plastic. Our shipping boxes have gone through an eco-evolution and are now made mostly of plywood, cardboard and other recyclable materials. We are constantly looking for solutions to better our impact on the natural world in a quest to fully rid of plastic.



The key of MOVCHUN collection lies in its special, ecological and 100% natural materials. This is about a symphony of a few layers of unique different technological composition.

The base is a frame made from organic high quality paper fiber which is totally recycled and safe for the environment.

Our base is covered by our signature recycled material ZTISTA made from a blend of cellulose, clay, flax fiber, wood chips, and biopolymer created by Ukrainian artist Victoria Yakusha, where she re-thinks a sustainable design approach with organic circular materials. All these ingredients make you feel closer to nature.

Then the soft filler is made from hévea latex. Hévea is actually wood. Biochemical composition of hévea ingredients has a natural antiseptic effect and even during processing it remains the same. Therefore, with the use of products made from natural latex, the possibility of allergic and respiratory diseases is reduced. In addition it does not absorb dust.

And the last layer - is a soft textile where You can choose one of two materials. First one is 100% natural fabric from hemp and the second one is natural cotton made from recycled t-shirts.

Therefore, our MOVCHUN is timeless because it has premium technological eco materials and we are very proud to collaborate with the best suppliers.

At the same time MOVCHUN is easily assembled and reassembled which is convenient in transportation, fits to every home and easy to change each part of the design piece if You will need it with the time.