When we combine these three traits—naivety, wildness, and vitality—they weave the fabric of authenticity. Without this essential thread, our very design remains incomplete, like a symphony missing its most resonant note

In 2021, the Victoria Yakusha Gallery opened its doors in Antwerp, Belgium, showcasing works from Victoria's various collections. Since 2023, the Gallery has served as a platform for introducing and promoting Ukrainian design. The gallery’s focus extends beyond mere aesthetics; it’s about embodying the very DNA of Ukrainian design among the features of which Victoria highlights naivety, vitality and wildness. As a curator, Yakusha selects those designers who reflect these characteristics in their work

Victoria perceives naivety as openness and a conviction that everything is achievable in the present moment. It’s about viewing the world with the mindset of ‘if I desire it, I can achieve it,’ a world devoid of any obstacles.

Wildness, in this context, embodies a primal essence—an innate bond with the natural world that transcends mere physicality. It is both our origin and our destination—a sacred nature connection that reveals our place in the world. 

Vitality, as the third trait, represents an insatiable thirst for life—an indescribable longing to embrace existence fully

Within its historic 500-year-old walls, the FAINA Gallery curates an exquisite selection of furniture, decor, lighting, and exclusive designs. Each piece resonates with the living spirit of Ukrainian craftsmanship and tradition, reinterpreted through a modern lens.

Notably, the gallery features works by talented Ukrainian artists such as Tetiana Krasutska, Andrii Mykhailiak, Anna and Sergii Baierzdorf, Yulia Melnychenko, Yevgen Melnychenko, and Aleksandr Bosenko. Their creations evoke a sense of timelessness, bridging the gap between ancient symbolism and contemporary design.

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