Founded by an architect and designer Victoria Yakusha in 2007, Yakusha Studio has emerged as a dynamic force in the world of design. With a commitment to excellence and a profound connection to heritage and traditions, the studio has evolved significantly over the years.

From its inception until 2014, Yakusha Studio focused primarily on interior design and architectural projects. In 2014, the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine marked a pivotal moment for Victoria Yakusha. During this transformative period she redefined her creative purpose, which led to the birth of the collectible design brand FAINA and socio-cultural initiatives.

Victoria Yakusha Gallery

2021: Victoria Yakusha established the Victoria Yakusha Gallery in Antwerp—an exclusive space dedicated to showcasing the studio’s creations. Visitors immersed themselves in a curated collection of furniture, interiors, and products, witnessing the studio’s commitment to celebration of heritage.

During this period, Victoria Yakusha ventured into collectible design, crafting unique pieces under her own name that gained international acclaim at prestigious exhibitions like Art Basel and Design Miami

2024 and beyond: The Victoria Yakusha Gallery expanded further, welcoming other Ukrainian designers whose work aligned with the studio’s ethos. It became a vibrant hub—a convergence of cultural DNA—where innovation meets heritage. 

Simultaneously, Victoria Yakusha engaged in meaningful collaborations with other brands. As a thought leader, she delivered lectures on design and the intersection of tradition and modernity.

Live Minimalism

Live Minimalism

The studio’s core philosophy revolves around live minimalism, which aims to produce the purest aesthetic that is turned towards the future - respectful of nature - rooted in its history.  The concept answers main questions: “who we are” and “what we will leave behind”

‘Live’  is about a reverence for nature and its perfect imperfections, for using live materials, traditional handcrafting techniques and artisanship. ‘Live’ praises our roots, our ancestors, ancient traditions and history; it focuses on our past, giving explanation on who we are

‘Minimalism’ embodies purity of shapes, commitment to sustainability, laconic forms, environmental consciousness  — it centers around future, showing ‘what we will leave behind’ 

Our Commitment to Architectural Excellence

At our Studio, we are dedicated to sharing our architectural philosophy with a diverse audience through various channels. Architecture, as a powerful medium, plays a pivotal role in this endeavor.

Guided by the principles of live minimalism, we operate within the framework of bionic or ‘living’ architecture. Our approach emphasizes the use of natural, locally sourced materials to minimize environmental impact. Rather than imposing change, we seek to organically complement the existing context of each architectural project. Understanding and translating our clients’ character and desires into tangible forms is at the heart of our creative process.

Our portfolio includes prestigious projects such as hotels, spa centers, restaurants, and private villas. For the conscientious owners of these spaces, an environmentally friendly approach is paramount.

In interior design, we maintain the same ethos. Natural materials, thoughtfully chosen paints, and carefully crafted surfaces define our aesthetic. The energy of our designers and the products themselves infuse life into every interior. Our minimalist spaces, adorned with objects that tell stories, exemplify the core tenets of live minimalism.

Ultimately, our goal is to create spaces where nothing is superfluous—a place where individuals can discover their true selves. How a person feels within a space profoundly shapes their experience, and we take that responsibility seriously.

The studio operates at the intersection of multiple disciplines, fostering a dynamic environment that encourages experimentation. Our commitment lies in communicating our philosophy to a diverse audience through various channels. Whether through crafted objects, exhibitions, lectures, or innovative architectural projects, we strive to leave a lasting impact


2024 Dezeen List

Viktoriia Yakusha has been included in The 50 most powerful women in architecture and design

2024 SILVER Award IDA

Winner Workplace Interior Design Unit Space

2022 Design Miami/Basel

Best curio show

2024 GOLD Award IDA 

Winner Interior Designer of the Year

2023 4 Future Awards

Gold Award Product design (health and wellbeing) - Chandelier in the B14 UNIT.City business space

2021 Dezeen Awards 

An emerging design studio of the year

2024 SILVER Award IDA

Winner Conceptual Products MOVCHUN

2023 L A M P International Lighting Design Competition

Best Professional Floor Lamp - SONIAH

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