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FAINA by Yakusha

CVIT scented candle Archive

CVIT scented candle Archive

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CVIT soy scented candle by FAINA reveals a trail of floral femininity – accents of pepper-sweet calamus and sage, shoots of a young sorcerer-fern amidst a rampage of field inflorescences, softly tinted with white tars of the Carpathian trees.

Light this scented candle to gently refresh any space.




Calamus, sage, fern, inflorescences, white tars of Carpathian trees.

Dimensions & Weight

e 150 g/5,2 oz — 38h burning time.

Product Care

The candle will burn clean if you take care of the following steps. To even out the level of wax, we recommend leaving the candle burning for a few hours. Don't leave the candle burning for more than 4 consecutive hours. After blowing out the flame reposition the wick in the liquid candle, if necessary. It's essential to cut the wick before relighting the candle to avoid unnecessary smoke. Ventilate the room after using the candle. Avoid breathing the smoke of the candle directly.
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