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FAINA by Yakusha

DUZHYI stool big

DUZHYI stool big

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Duzhyi — sturdy in Ukrainian. The grounded, primitive forms of the design pieces incarnate the ongoing desire for firm ground underfoot.


Sculpted in Yakushas signature sustainable material — Ztista, a blend of live elements conceived by Victoria Yakusha to one day be able to return to nature. Their
uneven texture captures the mystery of their hand- sculpted creation and casts the energy of Ukrainian artisans in design forms, making every piece singular.

Color : black



Hand-sculpted in the author’s signature sustainable material Ztista — a blend of paper, clay, hay, and other live elements conceived to one day return to nature. Wooden frame.

Dimensions & Weight

Size: 840 X 300 X 565 mm
Weight:14,8 kilos
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