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FAINA by Yakusha

KHMYZ Wall sconce

KHMYZ Wall sconce

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The KHMYZ collection by Ukrainian designers Julia and Yevgen Melnychenko is a sustainable homage to nature, crafted from cellulose and recycled materials previously part of a forest. The name ‘KHMYZ’ translates to ‘brushwood’ in Ukrainian, reflecting the organic origin and inspiration behind each piece. This collection stands out for its environmentally conscious approach and the unique story it tells through its materials and design

Available in 8 colours





Materials: cellulose, recycled material that was once forest.A high quality, durable finish. Highly-pigmented formulation.

Dimensions & Weight

DIMENSIONS: 1400 х 170 х 330 mm APPROXIMATE WEIGHT: 7 kg
PACKAGE: Cardboard box 1460х 390 х 300 mm, 25 kg

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