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FAINA by Yakusha

KOROTUN big coffee table

KOROTUN big coffee table

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KOROTUN / Ukrainian for shorty / 

As if carved of stone, two grounded, clay legs hold the minimalist coffee table with a wooden table top. Animistic KOROTUN presents with a strong and sturdy energy.




Ash tabletop, ceramic legs

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions: 750 x 350 x 420 mm.
Weight: 22 kg

Product Care

There is nothing eternal, including furniture.

Any furniture reacts to external factors, whether it is temperature, the presence of heating elements near it, the relative humidity of the air, sunlight.

We recommend you to have furniture from solid wood in the first place, in conditions that are stable:

1. Keep wooden furniture away from direct sunlight.

2. Do not place wooden furniture next to any heating elements (radiators, heaters, etc.)

3. Optimal air humidity and the temperature are one of the most important criteria for keeping wooden furniture, as well as parquet. The humidity of air in the room where the furniture from wood is located should correspond to 45-60% at a temperature of 18-25 ° C.

4. Furniture should be installed on level surfaces. Do not subject furniture to an unusual load. Load on furniture should be distributed evenly and not exceed the allowable rate.

Maintenance of furniture.

The period during which furniture preserves beauty and serviceability significantly depend on the conditions of its operation for a functional purpose:

1. Do not put wet, cold and hot objects on the wooden surface of your furniture.

2. It is necessary to lubricate periodically the mobile accessories, various guides, door hinges, etc. Some furniture accessories should be periodically replaced with a new one.

3. Do not forget to periodically adjust the hinges, locks and other fittings, and also periodically tighten the fasteners, nuts, bolts, screws, etc.

Storage of furniture.

Wooden furniture SHOULD NOT be stored in the following conditions:

1. In a wet place, the humidity of the air is more than 60%.

2. In a place with a temperature of more than 25 ° C, and places of direct sunlight.

3. Store furniture on a flat surface in accordance with its location during the operation.

Important! If there is a need for adjustment, lubrication, repair, and restoration of the furniture, we strongly recommend you to contact us for the professional advice and assistance.
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