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FAINA by Yakusha

KUMANEC set of vases

KUMANEC set of vases

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KUMANEC vase revives the shape of traditional Ukrainian festive pottery. An ancestral shape that vibrates with the animistic presence of live design. 

Color : black




Dimensions & Weight

Three-legged vase: height: 390 x width: 140 x Length 310 mm.
Two-legged vase: height: 500 x width: 180 x Length 430 mm.
One-legged vase: height: 330 x width: 107 x Length 240 mm.
Triple vase: height: 435 x width: 80 x Length 140 mm.

The weight of the vases:
Three-legged vase - 4,4 kilos
Two-legged vase - 11 kilos
One-legged vase - 3 kilos
Triple vase - 3 kilos

Product Care

Live ceramics don’t naturally hold water. Please use only for dry flowers.
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