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  • Sontsehryv land of light
  • Sontsehryv land of light
  • Sontsehryv land of light

Sontsehryv land of light

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Sontsehryv [ son tse gry’v], ”The Sun-Warming One”: Infuses with joy and tranquility, providing a sense that everything will be well.

"The Land of Light" collection embodies resilience and a belief in goodness during challenging times. It serves as a set of guiding companions to navigate through darkness, with each creature possessing a distinctive superpower. These creatures come to life when engaged through expressions of love, touch, and belief.


Hand-sculpted in the author's signature sustainable material Ztista - a blend of paper, clay, hay, and other live elements conceived to one day return to nature. Frame made of recycled cellulose.

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Dimensions: 910 х 575 х 690 mm

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