The Essence of Treasure: Victoria Yakusha’s SKARB Exhibit at Alcova Milano 2024

Milan Design Week 2024 featured the SKARB collection by the Ukrainian designer Victoria Yakusha. 

Hosted at the historic Villa Bagatti Valsecchi, the SKARB collection, which translates to “treasure” in Ukrainian, is an homage to the country’s cultural heritage. It is dedicated to both the tangible and intangible treasures that Ukrainians have protected with their lives to make a point that even if a treasure is taken, its true spirit is everlasting and cannot be removed.

At the heart of the exhibition lies the Tiara Collection Vases Limited Edition. Crafted from Ukrainian clay and embedded with unique polychrome topazes from Volyn, arranged in a row, the seven vases echoe the tiara of the Huns - the artefact, which, among thousands of others, has suffered the fate of theft and destruction

The real royal tiara of the Huns that served as an inspiration for the Tiara Limited edition collection

With the Domna armchair, Victoria Yakusha tells visitors a story about the Trypillian civilisation that inhabited the territory of Ukraine. It is a tribute to the Trypillian Venus - an ancient symbol of femininity and fertility - mirroring its contours and elegance. This armchair incorporates new fabrics, symbolising the integration of the contemporary with the historical within the philosophy of live minimalism  

Robust and strikingly designed, the Korotun Coffee Table is inspired by the Ukrainian Cossacks’  spirit, honouring the storied gull boats that once sailed Ukraine’s waterways.

The SKARB exhibit stands as a witness to how artefacts face the threat of destruction. The exhibition not only showcases the beauty of Ukrainian sustainable design but also serves as a powerful reminder of the fragility of heritage

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