Victoria Yakusha Gallery Presents Ukrainian Design at COLLECTIBLE 2024

The COLLECTIBLE design exhibition that happened on March 7-10, 2024 in Brussels, featured contemporary Ukrainian design, presented by the Victoria Yakusha Gallery for the first time.

Founded in Antwerp in 2021 by Victoria Yakusha, an architect and designer, the Gallery serves as a platform to introduce Ukrainian culture to a global audience.

Victoria Yakusha, a pioneer of this philosophy, highlights three attributes of the “live minimalism”: vitality, naivety, and wildness. It is described as having strong connections with nature, using sustainable materials and pairing old traditional techniques with modern laconic forms. 

The goal of the Victoria Yakusha’s Gallery is to define and promote high-quality Ukrainian design that is authentic, deeply rooted in Ukrainian traditions, and relevant to modern times. It addresses significant existential questions of the 21st century, such as life choices, identity, and future responsibilities, through practical experience and creation.

This year, the gallery is set to promote young Ukrainian designers Tetiana Krasutska, Andrii Mykhailiak, Anna and Sergii Baierzdorf, Yulia and Yevgen Melnychenko, and Oleksandr Bosenko, whose works captured the spirit of contemporary design, offering visitors an immersive experience into what can be described as ‘living’ Ukrainian design. Each piece resonates with the unique characteristics of modern aesthetics, functionality, and cultural relevance.

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